Wholesale CBD Cigarettes & Hemp Joints. The Ultimate Guide 2020

CBD. Cigarettes and Hemp Prerolls Guide 2020

CBD Cigarettes & Hemp Pre Rolls Ultimate Guide 2020

Premium Smokeable Hemp Joints and CBD Cigarettes are the Hottest New Smoking Products on the Market Surging C-Store Profits & Destined to Change Smoking Forever.

Wholesale CBD Cigarettes

Liam Burns - CEO - HempWholesaler.com

The #1 Source For Wholesale CBD Cigarettes & Bulk Hemp Pre Rolls

What Are CBD Cigarettes?

Today CBD Cigarettes and Hemp Joints are becoming one of the most profitable and fastest growing C-Store products carrying over those profits to vape shops, cbd stores, and other specialty retail stores. 

Leap-frogging vape products, smokeless tobacco, kratom and others in markups and sales - Hemp cigs are a game changer! 

Regular Tobacco cigarettes typically have very slim profit margins, pennies on the dollar.

 In comparison retailers of Premium Hemp Cigarettes like Wild Hemp, Jeffreys Premium Hemp Pre Rolls, Shaboink, Posty OG’s, Earthy Now, Bearly Legal Delta 8 Cigs, can have markups well above 100% with a return user base that is growing exponentially. 

Interesting fact, our very first president George Washington began growing hemp as a potential Substitute for tobacco as cash crop. 

Why Sell CBD Cigarettes or Hemp Pre Rolls?

CBD cigarettes and hemp pre-rolls are a high-profit product and quickly becoming a must-have among smokers and non-smokers alike who are looking for a safe, legal way to enjoy cannabidiol (CBD). 

They are a great substitute for users who enjoy smoking cannabis without the paranoia and anxiety. And for those looking for a deeper buzz  there is the newest and hottest Wholesale Delta-8-THC Cigarettes like those produced by Bearly Legal Delta 8 Hemp Cigarettes. 

Smoking CBD is one of the most effective ways to ingest CBD with a much higher bioavailability than oils and can retain all the medicinal benefits.

 If you're a retailer who's looking for a high-demand, high margin product, keep reading to learn how you can turn huge profits off of wholesale CBD cigarettes.
Jeffreys Hemp Cigarettes

Filtered CBD Cigarettes

CBD Cigarettes look just like real cigarettes, filter and all. In-fact most are produced with the same machinery that tobacco companies use to make cigarettes, but Instead of tobacco they are filled with all-natural organic hemp. 

This is a huge improvement over the chemical-laced tobacco found in traditional cigarettes. Most CBD Cigarettes currently on the market contain a mix of shredded hemp flower & trim with cbd levels that can range from very low to a mild range defending on the brand. 

The quality of CBD Cigarettes can range dramatically. Some low quality brands will shred up the unwanted parts of the hemp plant and use this mix for cbd cigs - but these are brands HempWholesaler.com will not carry and we highly recommend you stay away from. If you find a seed - you're buying the wrong brand.

Hemp Pre Rolls Cones

Hemp Pre-Rolls are essentially packaged hemp & cbd flower joints and look like your typical cannabis joint. These hemp pre-rolls are actually prefilled cones typically made with 100% organic hemp paper.

 Premium preroll hemp joints like Jeffreys Hemp are filled with only the highest quality Indoor Grown CBD & Hemp Flower & Top Cola Buds only. This means no trim, no seeds, no stems just the best part of the plant. This gives the best possible flavor and taste, designed for the true connoisseur. 

Both CBD cigarettes and pre-rolls contain high levels of cannabidiol (CBD) as well as a wide mix of minor cannabinoids. This supports the theory on the entourage effect of combining cannabinoids. There are over 480 natural cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Many people feel that CBD provides a wide range of positive health benefits, and that makes CBD cigarettes very different from any other smokable product on the market today.


Hemp Pre Rolls

Difference Between Tobacco Cigarettes and CBD Cigarettes

From the perspective of the consumer, there's a number of significant differences between tobacco cigarettes and hemp pre-rolls. While each is a plant-derived, ready-to-use smoking product, the similarities end there.

Tobacco cigarettes contain a number of toxic chemicals, and they're known to cause a variety of cancers plus heart disease, hearing loss and a host of other serious health problems. These traditional cigarettes contain nicotine and are also highly addictive, which makes them someone of a public health issue.

By comparison, CBD cigarettes don't contain any of the nasty, addictive chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes such as nicotine. When the product comes from a reputable wholesale CBD cigarette company, most CBD pre-rolls are even 100% organic.

For retailers and resellers, the difference between tobacco cigarettes and CBD cigarettes is huge. As you known, traditional smokes aren't exactly a big money maker - they're mostly there to attract customers into your store in the hopes that they'll pick up a few additional items that you can make a profit on. If you're paying employees to sell only cigarettes, you're losing money on every sale.

With CBD cigarettes, retailers can generate massive profit margins of 50% to 100%. Better yet, because hemp pre-rolls appeal to a far wider market than tobacco cigarettes do, there's a much bigger customer base for CBD products.

Is Smokeable Hemp Legal?

Despite the fact that hemp pre-rolls look a lot like marijuana, or weed, joints, there's a big difference between a joint made with cannabis and a CBD joint.

While hemp cigarettes do contain trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound in some cannabis strains , the levels are low enough to make CBD cigarettes legal in all 50 states. This makes hemp pre-rolls not only a profitable product, but one that won't get you in trouble with the authorities.

Why Are CBD Cigarettes So Popular?

CBD products such as oils, edibles, dried flowers and CBD pre-rolls are incredibly popular right now because for many people, CBD delivers exceptional health and wellness benefits without the side-effects associated with many prescription medications.

Some users find that smoking hemp pre-rolls provides them with much-needed relief from minor muscle and joint pain, particularly for those with chronic, painful conditions such as arthritis. Instead of popping a prescription medication that is usually exceptionally expensive, potentially addictive and often causes unwanted side effects, these folks simply light up a hemp pre-roll and use enough to get the relief they're looking for.

Another reason why CBD cigarettes are popular is because they can help with other common health concerns such as anxiety, insomnia, nausea and low overall energy levels. Better yet, because hemp joints do have a tiny bit of THC in them, some users find they get a pleasant 'buzz' without worrying about coming across as being 'high' or impaired.

Simply put, CBD cigarettes are a great alternative to a number of products - tobacco cigarettes, vapes, alcohol, and over-the-counter and prescription medications for pain, insomnia and anxiety. When you recognize all the perks that come with hemp pre-rolls, it's easy to understand why these healthy hemp cigarettes are a must-have item at C-stores, gas stations and other grab-and-go retail shops.

Where to buy Wholesale CBD Cigarettes?

The downside to the popularity of CBD cigarettes is that like every trending product, there's a few 'bad actors' making poor-quality hemp pre-rolls — that's why it's important to know where your wholesale CBD cigarettes are coming from.

Here at Hemp Wholesaler, the leading Wholesale CBD Supplier we're proud to carry only top-tier hemp pre-rolls from the best brands in the business. All of our suppliers use premium-quality hemp flowers, industry-leading testing and stringent quality controls to deliver the best product to retailers and end users.

We're an authorized wholesaler in-demand names such as Jeffrey's Organic Hemp Preroll Joints, a product line that's popular with discerning customers who are willing to pay top dollar for top-grade hemp joints. Packed in eye-catching boxes of 5 joints each, if you only wanted to carry one brand of hemp joints in your store, Jeffrey's Prerolls would be a solid pick.

Another brand that's big with consumers is Sherbinskis Gelato Hemp Cigarettes, or Wild Hemp Hempettes. 

These hemp pre-rolls look more like traditional tobacco cigarettes than many other CBD pre-rolls do, making these joints a big seller among shoppers who want a healthy alternative to cancer-causing, nicotine-filled cigarettes.

As you can see, the sky's the limit when it comes to making money off CBD cigarettes. These joints appeal to a huge range of users, and that means even more traffic for your retail shop. It's time to kick those loss-leader tobacco smokes to the curb and fill your shelves with in-demand, healthy CBD cigarettes that deliver over 100% profit margins for your business!

 “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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