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Great Product

Great Quality

My customers enjoyed this very much

Urb 3500MG D8/D9 Berry Burst
Tony M (Denton, US)
Great Quality

My customers love this

Dog treats

Very good for dogs I personal use it for my dogs

Frosted Grape

This is the real deal - not a hard hit - great flavor- EXCELLENT high


Several customers said this was a good gummy to get them relaxed

Makes for really good whip creme

Sells well and people in the store ask for it by name.

Best Seller

Get this flavor. At first people did not like the flavor and yet after a few months its my top seller. And no its not because of 1 customer who is buying in bulk lol

Night Night Sleepy Blend Gummies 20,000mg Bucket - 40packs - Blueberry

Torch Onyx 5g Liquid Diamonds Disposable THCa - Wonder Skunk

Xite Delta 9 Cream Caramels - 70ct
Wen Liu (Poughkeepsie, US)

Xite Delta 9 Cream Caramels - 70ct

Fast shipping good company

Half Bak'd

Terrific quality and value. My customers love this brand

Good but be careful ordinanceng to hoter states

Product was amazing and tasted like some nice jelly

Space God Mega Dose THC+CBD Gummies - 900mg - Pink Lemonade 15pc
Susan F Southern Pure (Moncks Corner, US)
Customer Favorite!

Space Gods have been a staple in our store for over 3 years. Always a great product!


Love it as do my customers A great product that gets your where you need to be and then some. Excellent flavor too! Looper XL series in general is awesome and I can always charge more than my other carts, folks eat it up

Snoozy Delta 9 THC Sleep Gummies (Sleep with Benefits) - 20ct bag

Trippy Sugar Thca Live Badder

The best buzz and really tasty! Potent.

Munchies Jelly Hole

These things are awesome! Potent and delicious. Recommend you use with caution as these things will put you on another level. Customers thoroughly enjoy this product.

ZAZA Liquid Diamonds 2g Carts

Amazing cart with smooth pull

Looper Live Diamond Badder 2g Cartridges - Banana Punch

Love The HiBears

All of the HiBears are fantastic


Customers love this product.

Best seller!!

We sell this disposable a lot. They are dual which is extra from other ones, so customer loves it. Will keep buying this great product!

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