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Based on 601 reviews
Barely Legal Wedding Cake

So delicious. Real good flavor, and very effective.

So Relaxing....

My customers love these fattys. Smooth smoke.

Good pen

Quality pen. Long lasting battery.

Cannaaid Delta-8-THC D8 Vape Cartridge - Blue Razz

Hit with our customers

This one is by far the best seller out of 3Chi's CDT line for us. One of my personal favorites. Sweet citrus notes and a nice, chill relaxation.

Classic strain

Classic strain with one of the best flavors.

Good but lacking flavor

It's good as any other. It just lacks any flavor to make it unique

Superb Product

The Delta 8 Cart was had great flavor and effects. I would try again.

Bubble Popping Good!!

Customers love the CBD gummies from this strain. No bitter aftertaste.


Worked so well for my dogs. They are calmer and happier.

3Chi Delta 8 1ml Gelato Cartridge

3Chi Delta 8 1ml Gelato Cartridge tastes great! This Hybrid it perfect for chilling.

Solid pain relief strain

Nice buds and aroma. Effects are upbeat like a really good Lifter strain with great pain relief and no couch locking head fog. Not the smoothest smoke draw but infuses very nicely with butter or oil.

Great strain

Classic strain. One of my favorites.


These blunts have been a favorite with everyone trying them. Strong and a great high.

3CHI Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge 1 ml - OG Kush

Nearly Legal softgels

These are amazing sold out in 2 days.

Great Stuff

You gotta try these. AWESOME.

Decent product.

Light and fluffy, but some large buds were in the bag. I’d compare it to a decent mid grade cannabis as far as potency and effects go.


Our customers really liked them.

Delta 8 Berry White - 4 Gram Jar - No Cap Hemp Co

paw cbd treats for dogs

My dogs love these! I get the peanut butter ones and the baked cheese ones! I would definitely recommend either of these flavors. They help with pain and anxiety in pets and dogs love the taste!

250mg cbd gummies

I love these gummies! tastes great and really helps me to relax and get a good nights sleep. I would definitely recommend this product to help you chill out and feel good.

cbd hemp oil for pets

excellent product for cats and dogs! helps with inflammation and joint pain and anxiety. I would definitely recommend this pet product.

Amazing lotion

Goes on easily and absorbs quickly. There is a slight hemp scent that lingers for a few minutes then dissipates. This is going to be my new moisturizer moving forward.

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