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Great samples

Quality product and perfect sample size for customers "on the fence".

Chill Plus Delta-8 Lollipop - 25mg
William Neal (Lexington, US)

Customer loved this item

Great product!

This strain is very relaxing and chill. I love the taste and the smell.

Best DAB out

This product is by far the best Syringe that comes with needle/nozzle and hits the hardest out of any other brand. All my customers love it

Great product

I was hesitant to purchase this product because I’m still not sure if it contains more than 0.3% THC. It contains 20% CBD which is what I’m looking for. However I have tested in small amounts because I don’t want to risk a THC high and it has done its job of relaxing me and helping me wind down for the night. I Highly recommend trying it out for yourself.

No Cap Hemp Co - CBG Gummies - Watermelon
Lanetta Bronte-Hall (Hollywood, US)

No Cap Hemp Co - CBG Gummies - Watermelon

great value and great taste


These taste great remove pain and help me sleep better than I have in years .

Great whole body coverage

This gummy keeps you alert and clear headed with no head buzz and helps with body pain very well.


The Delta 10 has a wonderful flavor and the cartridge is more like a tank for a vape. Very good air flow. I would definitely recommend it.

great quality

good product has never failed me out of dozens of carts i have tried

Apple Jack D8 Wrapped Pre-Roll (5 Pack)
Wen Liu (Poughkeepsie, US)

Apple Jack D8 Wrapped Pre-Roll (5 Pack)

Like strong dark camomile tea

This product is AMAZING, it is very good for anxiety and pain also it is a little on the darker side and at first a few of my customers where weary of it due to its color but after they tried it they kept coming back and telling me how good it helped them with pain and anxiety and even to get a good nights rest. It’s like a strong dark chamomile tea and it’s very tasteful and great aromas.


This was just great. All small dense nugs and the smell and taste is amazing upon opening the package tye smell completely took over very beautiful and seedless of course this is a great product

JustCBD Gummies
AnnMarie Hardaway (Rochester, US)
Great product


Awesome sauce

It was very very good top shelf that’s for sure I always live doing business with hempwholesaler they are the best

Good stuff

Really enjoyed this product

Yummy yummy

Smooth, tasteful and enjoyable. Not as potent taste that is overwhelming, But good in between

Zkittles D8 Wrapped Pre-Roll (5 Pack)
John Dolan (Berwick, US)
Amazing product!!!

Our Customers love this product!

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Good stuff

A must try!

Excellent product.

No Cap Hemp Co - 1 Gram CBG - Live Sugar
Jeannie Howard (Sevierville, US)
sugar cookie wax

my favorite!! excellent quality and exceptional taste! definitely recommend,

BIO Delta 10 Dabs - Sour Diesel -1g
Jeannie Howard (Sevierville, US)
Sour Diesel wax

Ultimate product!! love this. so very good and lasts a long time! definitely recommend!

My new "GO-TO"

Tropical Runtz is my sh%t! Tried it on a whim.....fell in love. Gets me thru those stressful workday

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