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Sells very well

Papaya kush is one of the more popular flavors for my customers. However lately funnel cake has been picking up steam, but PlK is still me and my staffs go-to flavor. That and the blue lime pixie!

Tre House

Popular with customers!

Big sellers

These are hot at our shops


I have a couple customers and get them for me and they didn't have a whole 30 count in them.

Snoozy Delta 9 gummies

Customers love them !!

Crooked Gummies

These have become our top seller!

Urb 3500MG D8/D9 Voodoo Sunrise
Star Combs (Morristown, US)
Best Gummies

Best gummy for the money - long lasting relaxing and relief

Great product

No leaks and good packaging



LOVE these pre-rolls!

Excellent taste and lasts a long time! Got that deep grapey taste and smell, you know its GDP the moment it hits your tongue. And with the diamond dust, it just magnifies the high. 10/10 easily.

3.5 g.blueberry kush disposable

Very good service discreet on time very good flavors

Great flavor

Great flavor texture and effects

Bulk THCa AAA Exotics Flower - Greasy Zkittlez (38.06%)

Reliable Vapes

Customers love these because they’re small and compact.

Bearly Legal HHC Infused Hemp Smokes - 1 Carton

Great brand

This brand URB is a customer favorite for sure. I definitely have customers request this brand specifically.

Stiiizy Delta 8 Starter Kit - OG Kush
Francisco Torres (Fontana, US)
Stiiizy vape

This product is easy to sell people already know this product

THCa MoonRocks - 1lb - Jack Herer
Jeff Williams (Maiden, US)

THCa MoonRocks - 1lb - Jack Herer

Very Effective

These little THC-A Prerolls are strong compared to the D-8 version 😎

Customers love it!

These are one of my top sellers. And I myself love the potent and slow burn you get from it. Also, nice container too. While the GHF is an excellent strain, I find all strains are popular as I've tried them all. but GHF is the best for a nice heavy head high for sure.

Urb 3500MG D8/D9 Tropical Breeze
Tyrone Moore (Bridgeport, US)

Urb 3500MG D8/D9 Tropical Breeze

GHF Cookies THCa Prerolls 1.3g Singles
Lori B (New Orleans, US)
Customers love these!

Can't keep them on the shelves!

tastes like starbursts

tastes like the red starburst fr. Also makes me feel aight

Wunder 7500mg Ultra High Potency Entheogenic Nootropic Blend Mushroom Gummies - Strawnana

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