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Great company!

Great products and customer service.


customer liked the taste


Sharp flavor. Ehh, pink lemonade, ish.
150 mg was good for me.

Urb Rocks - Delta 9 THC Pop Rocks
L.H. (Grand Prairie, US)
Urb Delta-9 Pop Rocks

Great flavor, lots of fun memories. Effects, mild. I think it will sell very well.

great product

highly recomend

Great flavor and wonderful buzz

Nice inhale and smooth taste. Very convenient, highly reccomend

Good flavor bad cart

Flavor is good but the actual cartridge doesn't hit too well and I'm using a ccell mod


Just what the customers were asking for! Chocolate is fresh and crispy!

Loved it

Loved this item

Nearly Legal tsp gram disposables.

One of the Blue Dream packages was sealed and empty. I expect a replacement in my next order. The feedback from customers is very positive on all counts: price, taste, lasting feel and general performance.

Perfect, mellow hit!


not bad through was on a whoesale page I guess not

Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Strange Clouds - Delta 10 Infused with Delta 8 - Disposable - 1gram
Mark (Saltillo, US)
So smooth!

These are so smooth & they hit really good!

It was a top favorite

It lasted a while and I enjoyed the flavor.

Dough Delta 8 Disposable Vape - Big Bird OG (Sativa)
John Arias (West Palm Beach, US)

Great value

Ooze Medium Rolling Trays - 4 Options
Wen Liu (Poughkeepsie, US)

Ooze Medium Rolling Trays - 4 Options

will buy again and again

these are great will buy more

Favorite flavor profile so far!

I work at a smoke shop and sell delta 8 all day. This flavor is amazing! Citrus on inhale and cherry on the exhale. Amazing

Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Strange Clouds - Delta 10 Infused with Delta 8 - Disposable - 1gram
Dave L (Marietta, US)
Great Brand and Product Selection

Very happy with this product. It sells well and the feedback is positive.

Spray unnatural taste buf

2,000 to add a lillte delta 8 regular 4k
Umm go buy several pounds before this hshshsh

Bearly Legal THCO Lemon Haze cart

One of my customers favorites but I do have a couple leaking.

Customer Favorite

Can hardly keep these cartridges on the shelf! Customers love the increased size while the price remained the same. Strange Clouds is an absolute must have in your retail store!

Nice taste.

Nice taste, people seem to really like the flavor.

Ocho is the bomb

Will always go for the ocho brand.

Treetop Hemp Co - Delta 8 Gummies - 150mg
Adriana Serigne (Saint Bernard, US)

The taste is great. Watermelon seems to be a best seller.

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